Producing Specific Pathogen-free
and Antibiotic-free Craylings


There are numerous reasons why you should consider switching to ACH’s ‘Batch-in, Batch-out’ (BIBO) method to stocking your ponds. Below is an overview of the main solutions ACH provides redclaw crayfish growers around Australia and internationally.

Superior Broodstock

Eggs are sourced from AquaVerde Farm’s broodstock, that was selectively bred for superior growth and disease resistance and hatched at ACH’s state-of-the-art hatchery facility.

Biosecure Lab

Water quality, health and disease management are carefully monitored and controlled onsite in a specialised, purpose built, customized biosecure laboratory.

Specific Pathogen-Free Craylings

ACH craylings are cultured in a pathogen-free, state-of-the-art hatchery facility—the first of its kind in the world

Antibiotics-free Craylings

Australian Crayfish Hatchery (ACH) do not use antibiotics to treat eggs

Same age/size batches

ACH craylings are supplied in batches of the same age/size, thus significantly reducing size variations at harvest.

'Batch-in, Batch-out' Stocking Method

ACH supplies craylings in batches suitable for stocking individual ponds, thus effectively eliminating many of the frustrations and costs associated with current stocking methods.

What’s a Crayling?

A crayling is short for a crayfish hatchling.

Redclaw crayfish undergo several larval stages after hatching before reaching a stage that resembles a tiny crayfish. This is the first juvenile stage of the crayfish and is termed the crayling stage (previously termed S3J). Each crayling is approximately 0.02g and 10mm.

What’s a Redclaw Crayfish?

Redclaw (Cherax quadricarinatus) is a freshwater crayfish native to parts of northern Australia and Papua New Guinea. Redclaw are tolerant of a broad range of environmental conditions, have a simple reproductive cycle and fast growth rates which has generated interest in the species for commercial aquaculture and ornamental aquarium use. In Australia, redclaw aquaculture operations exist in Queensland, Northern Territory and New South Wales.


Long story short

The major constraint to growth of the redclaw industry is reliable supply of adult redclaw at specific market size.This is directly related to the inability to mass-produce seed stock for commercial production farms.

R&D has been undertaken by AquaVerde Redclaw Hatchery and Farm together with industry over several years to design a proof of concept (POC) system and methods suitable to the hatching and production of redclaw seed stock (craylings). While successful at showing POC, the system was unable to reliably produce at commercial scale.

In 2013 Lisa Elliott was contracted to undertake a project to investigate factors limiting the production capability of the AquaVerde system (funded by RIRDC). The overall conclusion of this two-year project was that significant modifications to the POC system and facility design were required and a state-of-the-art (SOTA) hatchery facility was vital to provide craylings at commercial scale.

The rate-limiting component for redclaw farming to provide significant commercial and market outcomes is the lack of commercial hatchery-produced seed stock for stocking of production ponds.

The ACH Solution

To address this impasse ACH have developed a state-of-the-art (SOTA) redclaw hatchery with novel methods and technologies for hatching, larval rearing and disease control that aims to revolutionize global redclaw crayfish production.

Our redclaw crayfish hatchery system produces disease free seed stock (craylings) for redclaw growout (production) farms in Australia and internationally.

This technology provides premium craylings that enable—for the first time—redclaw farmers to efficiently plan stocking and harvesting according to market demand, significantly increasing farm productivity and production outputs.

ACH’s core process combines:

  • A biosecure facility comprising isolated climate controlled incubation rooms;
  • A recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) – low water usage and waste.
  • A specialized onsite laboratory for water quality, disease management and bacteriophage production; and
  • Innovative hatching and larval rearing methods developed by ACH.

ACH is fully supported by Queensland Crayfish Farmers Association, production farmers and scientific representatives.


Dr. Lisa Elliott
CEO, Chief Scientist

Lisa Elliott is a scientist with extensive skills and knowledge in aquaculture, microbiology, immunology and phageology.

Lynette O’Connor
Admin & Customer Relations

Making sure that all paper work is being handled meticulously, and importantly that customers are being listened to—carefully.

Greg Elliott
Logistics & Operations

Greg sees to it that all cogs and parts in the hatchery run smoothly and efficiently.


Redclaw Crayfish Aquaculture Down Under

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